Market - Archive


Weekday and weekend markets we vist on a regular basis.

Date Title Venue City Category
27.12.15 Farnham Market Farnham Market
22.12.15 Guildford Market Guildford Market
20.12.15 Milford Market Milford Market
12.12.15 Artizan Market Fleet Fleet Market
08.12.15 Guildford Market Guildford Market
28.11.15 Artizan Market Fleet Fleet Market
24.11.15 Guildford Market Guildford Market
22.11.15 Farnham Market Farnham Market
21.11.15 Grayshot Market Grayshot Market
15.11.15 Milford Market Milford Market
10.11.15 Guildford Market Guildford Market
31.10.15 Godalming Market Godalming Market
25.10.15 Farnham Market Farnham Market
24.10.15 Artizan Market Fleet Fleet Market

Our Event Calendar

We are out and about to provide you with the best chutneys, jams and marmalades. Please visit our event calendar to see when we are next in your area.


We supply for Hotels and other Venues

A number of Hotels serve their customers our products. Please use our Wholesale Contact page for more information.


Special Occasion?

We are happy to provide you with a quote for bigger quantities such as celebration or wedding events. Please contact us for more information.


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